Warning: These rules and tools are currently out of date

I am currently working on the final edit of these rules after years of testing and changes. Sadly I am only one man, so this is taking time. When completed I will link to the Completed Framework and PDF here, as well as the tools I use to Gm this system.

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War… War Never Changes… But the rules for Fallout PNP Should.

After spending months pouring through Falllout rules in an attempt to rebalance them for Fallout PNP, I had decided to publish my results here for future games and as a resource to others wishing to tackle this PnP gaming system.

Some of the greatest issues that I found came from the content ripp from the 2.0 source.
This rule set came directly from a single player game with a save feature. Thus the conversion did not translate accurately to the PNP world.

I commend Matthew Stanley for attempting to balance the game in his publications, but found his attempts to combine Fallout 3 / New Vagas FPS into an tabletop system flawed.

The Rules in here have been altered to fit into the world of Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics, with game balancing mechanics to accompany a PNP style game with multiple players.

Please Note:
These rules were written to coincide with a framework I built for the Maptools platform.

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Fallout-PNP- Rules

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