Fallout-PNP- Rules

Weapon and Armor rebalance

The equipment from Mathew Stanley’s Equipment guide is being rebalanced to hold accurate values based on the equipment stats.

This balance will give GM’s the ability to customize weaponry and armour.

This change will alter the base value of currency as all prices have risen to accommodate the new equipment.

Changes for consumables and general equipment are still in the workings.

Premise of changes:

Weapons will now do Dmg based off calibre of ammo fired, and type of weapons, but will vary based on burst/clip and range.

Energy weapons, and Double barrelled Shotguns will now use a new “Multi” shot parameter, allowing for more powerful single shots at increased AP cost.

Ammo prices directly Vary based on damage dealt. (average dice Dm =2x bonus Dmg)

Weapons use base ammo pricing multiplied by types and mods to calculate costs.

Armor values are based on Base Armor, Multiplied by mods.

Min Str values based on stats of the weapon.

Weight of Armor Based on stats of Armor and base Material.


Any updates to the Framework, or rules will be posted here.