Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics

While nearly all the mechanics listed here have been taken care of by the framework, having a knowledge of the Basic Mechanics, will help you better decide your actions in game.

d100 System
in a d100 system every attribute has a % attached to it, when you attempt a “Roll Against” check you roll a d100 and try and get under your skill value after modifiers

Stat Check
Stat Checks when your attempting outside of the normal bounds of skill checks, Lifting a heavy gate or running for prolonged periods are examples of Stat checks.

To roll a stat check, you roll a 1d10 against your Attribute, if your roll is equal or lower then your stat, you succeed.

Natural 1’s always succeed and natural 10’s always fails.

Skill Check
Skill Checks are identical to stat checks, but involve your skill towards a certain aspect of the game, instead of a d10 you roll a d100 against your skill – and modifiers like the DC of the task at hand.

Sometimes easier tasks or special equipment will give you a bonus to this roll.

To Hit Roll
In combat your chance to succeed is based on your skill minus any modifiers that effect it. you then roll against that chance to see if you were successful or not.

The Base Chance is equal to a simple Formula:

Base – (R + L + A + C + S) +/- (Bonus)

Base = your Base Skill
R = Range Modifier (3%*(distance to target-(attribute mod+weapon range)))
L = Lighting Modifier (lighting condition)
A = Armor Modifier (armor class of target)
C = Cover Modifier (% of the target Covered)
S = Specific Target Modifier (targeting specific body parts)
Bonus = Any additional modifiers to your roll

The Damage you deal can be reduced by two scores, Damage Threshold(T) and Damage Resistance(R%), The Formula for figuring out how damage is dealt is;


Critical Hit
every d100 has a chance to be a critical success, or hit, on a roll equal or lower to your critical chance you crit. Some traits, perks and even gear can give bonuses to your critical chance.

Also Aimed shots increase your Critical Chance.

Critical Miss
While unfortunate with critical chances, there is also potential for critical failures, on a roll of 97 or higher you critically fail, critical failures pose dire results, from jamming a lock that your trying to pick, to accidentally setting off an explosive you are disarming.

Critical misses can also happen in combat, when this happens you must roll on the critical miss chart and play out the effect, good or bad.

Game Mechanics

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