Bonus Xp and You

Adventure Log Posts.

After every session you are able to earn bonus experience for writing in the adventure log your own perspective on the accounts of the session.

This bonus XP will generally be stated in the GM post, and depending on personal effort and writing, you can earn 50% to 100% of that amount

Karmic Perks

Generally these perks are very situational based, by discovering and unlocking these perks via certain player action, you will gain additional experience, and insight into said perk.

Karmic perks also have a habit of effecting certain NPC’s actions and reactions to your character.

Bonus Xp:

Skill Based:

Have a skill, put it to work towards the campaign and you can earn your self karmic perks, and bonus XP for your efforts.

anything from macro building, to video editing, to vent radio DJing. if you have an idea that could add to the campaign contact your gm, and propose it, who knows it may earn you some benefits in game.

Role playing:

If your player consistently enhances the game play for others you will receive bonus experience due to it. This does not reward the player with the biggest mouth, but more players that keep game play interesting and moving along.

MVP Awards

At the end of each session once you leave the vault. I will do a poll on the MVP of the session. who ever wins that poll will get bonus XP or a karmic perk

Bonus Xp and You

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