Death claw
Deathclaws are a race of semi-intelligent, enormous, mutated lizards.

They walk on two legs, stand more than two meters tall in adulthood, and have scaly skin ranging from brownish-green to light yellow.

They are abnormally large and have horns growing out of them.

Some rare Deathclaws are intelligent enough to learn the nuances of human language, although they cannot actually“speak” as we do – they simply imitate human speech in much the same way a parrot does, except their “voice” is often deep, gravelly, and is prone to affecting strange accents.

Deathclaws get their name from the foot long bony claws growing from their “fingers.”

This means that they always have a built-in melee weapon; it also means they cannot use any other weapons beside their claws, ever.

In addition, Deathclaws cannot use armor; no one makes protection for giant lizards.

Deathclaws are some of the most hated and feared creatures in the wastes – when walking among humans, an appropriate disguise, such as a loose-fitting robe with a cowl to cover the head, is an absolute necessity.

Most people will simply attack a Deathclaw on sight, or attempt to run away as fast as possible.

Plasma Resist is a typo, Actual Resist is 3/10


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