Through human kindness or human predation, dogs have survived the global cataclysm.

Dogs can stand anywhere from 60 cm to 1.5 m at the shoulders, and walk on all fours.

Most are covered with hair, ranging in color from white to brownish-tan to black, and usually a combination of anything in between. Since dogs have no opposable thumbs, they cannot use weapons or tools of any kind, and they cannot communicate except by barking, wagging their tails, and pointing with their snouts.

Dogs cannot use armor unless it is specially made for them, and they cannot carry items unless someone creates a device that allows them to.

Even then, they cannot pick anything up on their own, except with their mouth. For these reasons, dogs are very difficult to role-play well, and the Overseer and players should take this into consideration before allowing a player to create a dog character.

Dogs can weigh anywhere from 30 pounds to 150 pounds.

It’s a dog’s life.


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