Food, Water, Starvation and you!

Starvation and Dehydration

Food and Water in The Wasteland are scarce. Just about everyone is hungry and thirsty all the time and unspoiled food and water are way more valuable than Gold and Silver. For game purposed every human (or human-sized) creature needs 1 Unit (about 1,000 calories) and 1 Unit (about 2 quarts) of Water per day. If that amount is not available the creature must make an END check at -1 at the end of the day. If that fails the creature takes a temporary penalty of -1 to END. When you run out of END you are dead. Simple!

You can regain END at the rate of 1 per day with complete rest and adequate Food and Water.

Other creatures require more or less food per day.

Dog – 1/2 Unit of Food and Water
Super Mutant – 3 Units of Food and 2 Units of Water
Horse – 3 Units of Food and 2 Units of Water

Outdoorsman Skill and Food and Water

With a successful use of the Outdoorsman Skill (often at significant penalties – see below) a player can secure 1 Unit of Food and 1 Unit of Water from the Wastes. For every 15% that the roll succeeds the player can produce another Unit of Water or Food (their choice!)

Even very skilled parties usually find the need to seek a steady source of Food and/or Water eventually.

Typical modifiers to Outdoorsman checks for Food and Water

Condition or Location Modifier
The Wastes -60%
Forest -25%
Near a Body of Water +15%
Near a Moving Body of Water +25% Body of Water is Uncontaminated +35% Pre-War Town +10% Pre-War City +20% Radiated Area -40% Mountains -15% Successfully found Food or Water in area in past 2 days -25%

Food, Water, Starvation and you!

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