Ghouls are humans who have been exposed to massive amounts of radiation and have been altered at a cellular level.

Ghouls enjoy an extremely slow cellular mitosis rate, rendering them effectively immune to the effects of old age.

The radiation also changed their outward appearance, forever marking them as outsiders. Their skin hangs off their bones, sometimes in shreds, and sunken eyes peer out from skulls twisted and burned by radiation, giving these unfortunate people their name.

Their skin can be anywhere from pale white to dirt brown in color, with green and yellow the most common.

The radiation may have twisted their bodies, but it did not affect their minds, and they are forced to live as misshapen outcasts, fully aware of the society they were once part of, but also aware they can never rejoin it. For this reason, many ghouls have formed settlements of their own, or live in settlements with humans and mutants who tolerate their appearance. Unlike their mythic namesakes, most ghouls do not eat human flesh. Ghouls age very slowly, reaching sometimes 300 years past when they were exposed to the radiation.

Their unnaturally long life span does not mean that they can’t be killed by other means, however, and ghouls are just as vulnerable to scourges of the wastes as everyone else.

Ghouls usually weigh anywhere from 80 to 160 pounds, and stand anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 meters tall.


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