Glossary of Terms

A sequence of events that takes place on a hex-grid in rounds of approximately 10 seconds each. Resolves with all parties that intend each other harm either fleeing or dead

A critter generally refers to a non-human NPC.

Death occurs when a character’s hit points drop below -ENDURANCE and no medical treatment is readily available. Death is final in the Fallout universe.

Experience (XP):
A numerical measure of the character’s collective experiences in the Fallout universe. When a character has enough Experience points, she goes up a Level.

A series of games from Interplay Productions, sequels to their popular Wasteland RPG, set in a postnuclear universe; the same universe in which this open-ended RPG is set. Also, the radioactive dust particles scattered after a nuclear device detonates.

Gamemaster (GM):
The Gamemaster is sort of a storyteller and judge rolled into one. The GM relates the story to the players, telling them what their characters are experiencing, and they have a chance to control their character’s responses.

The GM does the majority of the dice rolls and controls all Non-Player Characters. The GM’s word in any situation is final, and overrides even this rulebook. After all, it is the Gamemaster’s world. Being Gamemaster requires a little imagination and a normal set of dice (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 2d10, 1d12, 1d20).

Player Character (PC):
A Character in the game universe controlled by a Player. The Player’s “Alter Ego” in the Fallout universe.

Primary Statistics (Statistics, Stats):
Primary statistics measure a Character’s basic abilities, and include Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.

Not a position, but rather a measure of the “level” of some Perks.

Rolls Against __:
When you see this, an action requires a dice roll against a specific Stat or Skill. Rolls against Primary Statistics use 1d10 and must make equal to or less than that particular Stat to succeed. If a character’s Stat is higher than 10, it doesn’t effect the roll against that number – the action will still succeed no matter what. Some rolls against Stats have penalties – this is where
racial maximums will take effect. Rolls against Secondary Statistics and Skills use percentile dice (2d10) to do the same thing. A roll of 2 when rolling against Endurance, when your EN is 4, means your character managed to fight off the deadly plague. A roll of 75 when rolling against a 40% Outdoorsman skill means your character did not find the mutated cactus with the water that would have saved her life. Some rolls are made by the GM, without the characters – or players – knowing the result.

Karma: A measure of whether a character has done more good than evil, more evil than good, or a healthy balance of the two.

Level: A measure of the Character’s “rank” in the Fallout universe. When a Character gains a Level, it represents that they have gained enough Experience from their actions that they have a
better grasp of the world around them.

Non-Player Character (NPC):
A Character in the Fallout universe that is not controlled by a Player; these Characters are controlled by the GM.

A Perk is a special reward a character gains every few levels.

The Player is one of the human participants in the game, more specifically a human in control of a character, called the Player Character.

A round of combat is generally about 10 seconds long and lasts until all critters in combat have their turn.

Secondary Statistics (Derived Statistics):
These statistics are derived from mathematical formulae using numbers from various sources, such as Primary Statistics, Equipment, and so forth.

A numerical measure of how good your Character is at different skills in the Fallout universe. If you have the right skill, you can do anything.

To Hit:
After all the modifiers, To Hit is the number you need to roll against in combat to have your weapon connect with a critter and do harm to it.

Traits are bred-in abilities that make characters more unique. Most are often double-edged swords, and cannot change throughout the game.

A turn in combat consists of one critter or character performing their actions. A turn lasts for 10 seconds of game time; however, all turns happen “simultaneously” within the 10-second combat round.

Glossary of Terms

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