Humanoid Robot


Robots are very rare and should only be played as characters if it fits the plot of the campaign.

They almost always come from high-tech areas or installations, and are usually only part of an adventuring party associated with high-technology (in other words, tribals usually don’t keep robots).

Robots can communicate with humans using memorized speech patterns, and even have some of their own unique Traits.

Many people in the wastes will find speaking robots to be more of a sideshow curiosity than an actual being, and will not deal with one unless it is part of a larger group; they simply do not recognize the robot as a sentient creature – and whether or not a robot is sentient is open to debate.

Robots can vary in size from 1 meter to 3 meters, and usually weight from 300-400 pounds.

Robots cannot wear armor, but they can use weapons and tools.

Robots require some regular maintenance, which they can perform themselves if not incapacitated.

A robot must have someone roll a successful Repair and Science skill while examining it for 12 hours at least once a month.

If this maintenance is not preformed, the robot begins taking 1d10 points of damage every 24 hours beyond the deadline for the repairs.

Robots take damage as normal, but they do not heal hit points back over time. Instead, robots must be repaired. Robots are immune to the effects of radiation, poison, gas attacks, and chems.

Robots don’t have a “lifespan” per se, but each unit has a battery that generally lasts anywhere from 75 to 150 years.

Humanoid Robot

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