Know your Surroundings


The Map Borders are Fixed as far as movement, so use the terrain that you can see to your advantage.

While extending maps indefinitely is an easy process for a gm, Player load times and lag can cause problematic issues.

For this reason consider all “Blacked out Terrain” as impassible terrain during combat.


The world around you has multiple forms of cover, from tree’s to Rocks, to ruined buildings and cars.

The use of cover can mean the difference of life and death in the wastes.

In the Fallout world there are two forms of cover, Hard and Soft. In General Hard Cover will Provide better cover mods then soft cover. Though cover in general is subject to the GM’s opinion and follows no exact chart.

Hard Cover are object that provide cover, and protection from bullets. Hard Cover comes in the form of Rocks, Cars, and other Objects you cant generally shoot through. IN General, PC’s and NPC’s are considered Hard Cover.

Soft Cover is just that, it negates some or all vision of a Target, but can easily be pierced by bullets. Examples of Soft Cover are, Bushes, Billboards, Tents.

Soft Cover can also grant bonus DT/DR

Stances can also change how effective cover is, crouching behind a low wall, or staying prone on a cliff side, are good examples of how to combine stances and cover for optimal effect.

Taking Cover sometimes its best to take cover behind an object rather then other options. At the end of your turn, you can use the Take Cover action, for 2 Ap. This ends your turn, but also maximises the benefit of the cover near you. (in general doubling the cover bonus, and minimising targeting angles)

This act is often seen in TV, and movies, where they hero crouches down next to a low wall with their back to it while taking fire from enemy shots

Know your Surroundings

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