Weapon and Armor Conditions

As you use your Weapons and Armor, they slowly degrade over time, weapons have a 10% chance to get damaged every time you use them, and Armor degrades the more you get hurt.

If a Weapon or Armor every reaches more then 100% condition damage it is broken, beyond repair, and cant be used for spare parts.

Weapons after reaching 80% condition damage are less effective as before, while Armor damage starts to weaken much faster, degrading more and more as the Armor breaks apart.

You are able to repair equipment, the rules for such as follows.

You are only ably to repair up to your skill after modifiers.

Broken Equipment poses a 10% penalty on your skill per box filled, (up to 100% with 10 boxes filled)

Scrapping an Identical Item gives you a 50% bonus on your check. and even on a failed check your equipment repairs 1 condition box

Having the Right Parts for the job also adds a 10% bonus to your skill.

So if you have some spare leather and are repair leather Armor, you would get a 10% bonus to your check.

Every time you successfully repair an item, it repairs 2 condition boxes.


Bobby has a repair skill of 100% and wants to fix his Gun that is 30% damaged, without parts or equipment, is unable to improve the weapon at all! as the most he can repair the item to is 70% (same place its at)

Well that sucks.. but if bobby had say.. another gun or a repair kit, now he could fix the weapon easily! 150% -30%, = 120% skill check.

With a high enough skill you could fix your equipment without any parts at all!

Weapon and Armor Conditions

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